Taxes and Spending

  • Since Governor Hogan was elected in 2014, he has held the line on taxes, tolls and fees, saving Maryland residents hundreds of millions of dollars. But from 2007 to 2013 the Democrats in Annapolis increased taxes 40 consecutive times. From Bob Ehrlich’s 2007 budget to Martin O’Malley’s 2015 budget, spending increased almost $10 BILLION, an increase of 35% over 8 years.
  • Maryland has a new perspective in Annapolis on taxing and spending. We need to continue decreasing our taxes and our spending. The Annapolis Democrats’s concept of decreased spending is to merely decrease the rate at which spending increases. That perspective has to stop.
  • A budget is a budget, whether it’s your household or your state government. If you don’t have enough money to buy steak, you buy hamburger. When the utility bill is too high, you put on a sweater. The same has to apply to our state government.
  • Instead of searching for new programs to spend on, we need to evaluate how well the current ones work, and identify we’re not getting bang for our buck. Then cut back or eliminate those programs. If new programs are essential, these savings can fund them.
  • All of us have to make do with less than we would like, but raising taxes is self-defeating. We cannot grow our economy by increasing taxes. We grow by creating good jobs.

Authority: Citizens for Tim Robinson, Treasurer: Susan Peacock