Business, Regulation and Jobs

  • Maryland business does not exist in a vacuum but in a competitive environment. Maryland is surrounded by states with much more advantageous municipal, property, personal income and corporate tax rates.
  • As recently as 11 years ago, 12 Fortune 500 corporations were headquartered in Maryland while Virginia had 17. Today there are 4 in Maryland (one more than when Hogan was elected) and 23 in Virginia. Is Maryland’s 8.25% corporate income tax responsible? Virginia’s tax is 6%. Coincidence?
  • How many of your friends have relocated to Florida or the Carolina’s due to the difference in taxes and regulation? Maryland is renowned for it’s byzantine regulation of everything. We make starting a business mercilessly difficult.
  • We need to establish procedures to identify and challenge counterproductive regulations. And remove those that haven’t worked. We need to create, and keep, good jobs.

Authority: Citizens for Tim Robinson, Treasurer: Susan Peacock